Best Indian Beach Destinations

Best Indian Beach Destinations Favorite Indian Beach Destinations
You basically have two best options of Goa and Kerala if you are looking for the best beach vacations spot in India. It is also depends completely on what type of person you are and what type of environment suits you.
Firstly if we talk about Goa beach vacations, tourists, who really want to have fun by playing and by enjoying good atmosphere, can go to Goa beaches. In Goa beaches, you can enjoy everything that you want in a perfect vacation. You can drink different types of cocktails and mock tails, you can swim anytime you want and also you can celebrate with your family and friends. We can say that Goa beaches are very similar to Miami Beach vacation and to a Caribbean trip. People who want to go to a peaceful place; they can hang out on Goa lonely beaches which are the famous beaches.
If we talk about Kerala beaches, these beaches have a higher class crowd of tourist and are also less crowded. There are many awesome and beautiful beaches at the west coast of Kerala with the white sand. The beaches in Kerala are very calming and relaxing, you can swim over there and the good part is that drinking is not allowed on the beaches. Ayurvedic massage treatments are also given by some of the beaches in Kerala. You would found silence and beauty on the beaches of Kerala moreover; food, arts and local culture can also be enjoyed.
We all know how quickly time flies, so start planning that vacation getaway right now. There's an ideal beach vacation where you can enjoy your time off to the fullest just waiting for you to arrive!