Angklung Traditional Musical Instrument From West Java

Angklung Traditional Musical Instrument From West Java 1
In the play, art angklung a lot of personal needs. Musical instrument made of bamboo in which its use in a way shaken. In this way the instrument sounds a very distinctive loud. Angklung form consists of two sticks of bamboo in various sizes according to the needs of high and low tones - shaped like musical instruments calung. Only, the acquisition is not driven sound angklung as calung art, but shaken to the touch between the elements in the body is able to angklung produced a tone.

Angklung Traditional Musical Instrument From West Java 2

Angklung is developing now is angklung in diatonic tones, which are developed by Angklung Daeng Soetigna artists. Hence, the name for Soetigna Daeng Sundanese musical repertory as Mr. Angklung dikenap diatonic chromatic scale, the artists who pioneered the change of tone pentatonic angklung (da-mi-na-ti-la-da, the barrel Salendro) as it developed in areas such as the Pandeglang and Banten Attack to the diatonic tones. In the area of Banten this pentatonic Angklung art better known to art angklung gubrag, angklung sered, or angklung beans.

Angklung Traditional Musical Instrument From West Java 3

In the latest development of the art angklung (diatonic) became quite popular art, and has a pretty good place in society, especially the upper middle class. This art practice in the form of an orchestra (between 30 to 60 personal) usually consumed by government officials or in official guest pernyambutan from within and abroad. Therefore, no wonder that this art is one art that often appear in state court.

Pendet Traditional Dance from Bali

Pendet Traditional Dance from Bali 1
Pendet initially a worship dance that many exhibited in the temple, where worship of Hindus in Bali, Indonesia. This dance symbolizes the welcoming of the gods fall into the natural world. Gradually, as the times, the Balinese artists change Pendet be "welcome", but still contains elements of the sacred-religious. Creator / choreographer of modern dance forms are I Wayan Rindi (? - 1967).

Pendet Traditional Dance from Bali 2

Pendet is a statement of the offering in the form of a ceremonial dance. Unlike performing dances that require intensive training, Pendet be danced by all people, pemangkus men and women, adults and girls.

This dance is taught simply by following the movement and rarely done in banjar-banjar. The young girls follow the movements of the more senior women who understand their responsibilities in providing a good example.

Pendet Traditional Dance from Bali 3

This daughter has a dance movement pattern that is more dynamic than Rejang dance is performed in groups or pairs. Usually displayed after Rejang Dance at the temple yard and generally facing the direction of the sacred (pelinggih) with ceremonial dress, and each dancer brings sangku, jars, bowls, and other offerings equipment.

Tourism Object Sanur Beach Bali

Sanur Beach is located in Sanur Village, South Denpasar District City of Denpasar. This beach is located on the east and south of the village of Sanur, which is the edge of the Indian Ocean south of Indonesia island of Bali. The place is famous since ancient times, especially when there is a war Puputan Badung on September 20, 1906 in which the Dutch troops landed there.

In the history of ancient Bali Sanur is also famous, and many slate monument, which is the inscription of King Kasari Warmadewa the berkeraton in 917 years Singhadwala, where there is now a Southern Blanjong charter Sanur Beach. Among Tourism, Sanur beach was first introduced by a Belgian artist named AJ Le Mayeur with his wife Ni Polok who permanently reside there since 1937 and held a painting exhibition of his work alone.Daya attraction north of Sanur as a semi-circle around the South part turned from East to West, where a wave of sea water was so large and visible when the water subsided stone reef which runs colorful. On the day near the moon and the sea water off a rather large wave. In the south-east Nusa Penida visible clusters across the sea and in the east of the panorama looks south coast of the island of Bali with the mountain. Sanur beach scene also looks beautiful in the afternoon, because the sea water condition usually low tide and waves are ripples of attacks and small.Gugusan island hill menjolok rocks into the sea across the sea visible from the south of Sanur.

Panorama south of Sanur more beautiful views in the morning. Place a strategic review is part of the East, the Semawang and Mertasari. The situation there was fresh air and blowing a comfortable sea breeze. The atmosphere along the coast of Sanur light and shade as full of big trees. Sanur beach for sunrise (Sun Rise), and sunbathing on a sandy beach along the Sanur white.Pantai distance 6 Km from Denpasar city center, can be reached by car, motorbike or public transport linking the town of Sanur Denpasar. Very crowded public transportation back and forth between the coast of Sanur, Denpasar, so there is no difficulty transportation problems, Sanur beach is very crowded visited by tourists and Nusantara Worldwide. Sundays and holidays, Sanur Beach into the city Denpasar choice for recreation while bathing in the sea. In the evening many people Purnama relax and bathe there, looking at the beauty of the beach at night. Besides the beach, Le Mayeur Museum is also a lot of interesting wisatawan.Fasilitas contained therein include the international standard hotels such as Hotel Grand Bali Beach, Hotel Hyatt, Hotel Sanur Beach, Hotel Sindu Beach, and many more throughout East and Southeast coast of Sanur. Art goods stalls and Art Shop, too much there. Accommodation and restaurant for tourists quite a lot available that is always ready to serve the interests of tourists.

Tourism Object Kuta Beach Bali

Tourism Object Kuta Beach Bali 1
Bali is one of the existing tourist areas in Indonesia which this beloved. Bali is known for its beautiful beach, one of them is the beach of Kuta and Kuta beach is famous for its beauty of Sunset, next to Bali, known for its natural beauty, also known as rich in culture and literature, not one person called Pulao reply Bali Dewata called Pulao. Your reply to vacation in Bali in reply said that losses can not see the sun again sank (sunset).

Many foreign tourists and local kebali came out of curiosity, and at odds with the condition is still 19:00 hours of light, whereas loh udah jam 7. This is due to sunset at 18:45 PST. Understandably aja kalo hours were 7 atmosphere light, lha wong sun 15 minutes before her. This happens naturally because the position of the sun changes, for those of you who want to enjoy the sunset at Kuta beach, do not forget to watch his show time, because that is where the real digging her pleasure.

Tourism Object Kuta Beach Bali 2Tourism Object Kuta Beach Bali 3

But who would have thought if the Kuta Beach now also become habitat for sea turtles. Historically most of the beaches in Bali used to be a turtle landings. Along with the travel time, now only a few places left to visit the turtle to lay eggs, and one of them is Kuta Beach. Kuta Beach is now not only crowded but also visited by tourists visited the turtle crowded to spawn. This is very surprising to see the condition of Kuta Beach are now crowded with many hotel building. Turtle that landed on Kuta Beach is the kind of turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea)

Tourism Object Kuta Beach Bali 4Tourism Object Kuta Beach Bali 5

West Java's Traditional Dance

west javas traditional dance 1
Jaipongan is the art of dance that was born from the creativity of an artist from Bandung, gugum Gumbira. He inspired the folk art one of them is making Tap Tilu really know and recognize patterns perbendaharan dance tradition that is at or Kliningan Tilu Bajidoran or Tap. So that he can develop a dance or art that is now known by the name Jaipongan.

Jaipong work first began to be known by the public is dance "Leaf Bojong Keser plus" and "Rendeng Bojong" both of which type of dance and dance partner's daughter (sons and daughters). Initial appearance of the original dance movement is considered as the erotic and vulgar, but the longer this dance more popular and began to increase the frequency of good performance in the medium of television, celebration, and celebrations held by the government or by private parties.

From this starting Jaipong dance was born a few dancers that are reliable Jaipongan like Tati Saleh, Yeti Mamat, Eli Somali, and Pepen Dedi Kirniadi. The presence of dance Jaipongan contributed considerable to the art of dance lovers for more active types of folk dances explore previously lacking in attention. With the emergence of this Jaipongan dance that many are making dance courses Jaipongan, and frequently used by businessmen to enticing guests.

west javas traditional dance 2

In Subang Jaipongan style "Kaleran" has a characteristic that is fun, erotic, humorous, spirit, spontaneity, and simplicity. This pattern was reflected in the presentation of dance on the show, there is a given pattern (Pattern Ibing) as in art Jaipongan in Bandung, as well as others who do not dance dipola (Ibing Saka), for example in art Jaipongan Subang and Karawang. This term can we meet the Jaipongan kaleran style, especially in the Subang area.

west javas traditional dance 3

Dance Jaipongan today could be called as one of the West Javanese dance, look at the important events coming of guests from foreign countries who came to West Java, was always greeted with a performance at Jaipongan dance. Dance Jaipongan influence on many other art-art in West Java, both on the art of wayang performances, gamelan, and other genjring even collaboration with Modern Dangdut by Mr. Nur and Leni to become art Pong-Dut

Weapons Heritage of Javanese Keris

Keris is a kind of short weapon used Melayu nationality since more than 600 years old. These weapons are unique in the world available from the Malays and the Malays populated areas such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, southern Thailand, southern Philippines (Mindanao), and Brunei.

Keris is used to defend themselves (such as silat) and as a means greatness of kings. This weapon is also a symbol of sovereignty of the Malays. The most famous keris Taming Sari keris is a weapon that Hang Tuah, a hero of the famous Malays.

Keris Melayu according to traditional practices need to be maintained by a bath at a certain period, such as Friday night. There are also practice the keris as a way to keep the metal kris and also to increase the venom. There is a saying that says: "Award to a person dependent for clothing." Maybe saying it was born from a psychologist's view that based on neatness, cleanliness of clothing worn one, it shows the character or characters that is in that person. In Central Java community in general to a specific event, such as the marriage ceremony, the men should wear the dress jangkep Jawi (Javanese costume complete).

And obligations that must be obeyed, especially by the groom, which must use the / use Java-style wedding dress, the batik berkain, wedding dress, headgear (kuluk), and also a keris tucked into the waist. Why should the keris? Because of the keris by the community in Java is represented as a symbol of "manhood". And sometimes, if for some reason unable to attend the bridegroom in the wedding ceremony of appointment, he represented a keris. Keris is a symbol of heritage.

This view is actually originated from the Javanese people's confidence first, that the beginning of the existence of beings on earth or in the world comes from an agrarian philosophy, namely the merging of elements from a man with a female element. In this world, Allah created the creatures in two types of sex that men and women, whether human, animal, or plant. Belief in an agrarian philosophy is very basic in the palace compound great family environment in Java, such as the Royal Palace of Kasunanan Surakarta, Yogyakarta Sultanate, and others. Trust was originally from Hinduism who never embraced by the community in Java. Then came the trust of father sky and mother earth / earth.

Which is also close to the philosophical belief in the Javanese agrarian embodied in the heritage of the procession ceremony before a Sura in the Javanese calendar with heirloom seed mengkirabkan Palace of weapons: spear heirloom, a large knife (bendho). Pengirab procession of superior weapons Karaton heritage walk around the palace complex, while focusing the mind, feelings, praise and plead with the Creator of the universe, to gain protection, happiness, physical and spiritual welfare.

The main function of the first heirloom weapon is a tool to defend themselves from enemy attack, and animals or to kill the enemy. But then a function of sharp weapons such as kris heritage or heirloom spear was changed. In times of peace, sometimes people use the keris completeness only as ceremonial dress when meeting bride greatness. So the keris was decorated with diamonds or a diamond on the upper base of the keris. Even the scabbard is made of metal so beautifully carved, gold-plated shining sebagaikebanggaan wearer. Then, could not help the keris is a commodity of high value business.

Tosan aji, or heirlooms weapons were not just the kris and spear Javanese, but almost all regions in Indonesia have a heritage mainstay weapons, such as in Aceh Rencong, Badik in Makassar, swords, spears tipped three (trident), keris bali, etc. other.

When Sultan Agung attack starch with a degree Duchy Garudha Nglayang war, Supit Urang, Wukir Jaladri, or degree Dirada Meta, soldiers who accompany the use of his spear gun carved kalacakra image. Keris heritage or heirloom spear that is the heritage of superior efficacy was not only because it is made of steel elements, iron, nickel, and even mixed with elements of rock meteorid falling from the sky so solid, but the way along to the accompaniment of making prayers to the Creator of Nature (Allah SWT) with a spiritual effort by the professor. That way, the spiritual power of Nature Creator that was believed to be the magical power or efficacy that can contain other party to influence the weapon of fear to the user's heritage.

Tim Irving Photography Giveaway!

Happy Monday everyone! I'm thrilled to announce that the amazingly talented photographer, Tim Irving, has offered to give two Paris Hotel Boutique Journal readers one of his lovely photographs. His beautiful work has been published in The London Times & Time Magazine.

Tim lives and works in the Andalucia region of Spain and also authors a blog by the name of Style Med. It focuses on Mediterranean design and lifestyle. I just adore his work and have blogged about it before.

  • Check out Tim Irving's Etsy shop here, and leave a comment below telling us which photo you would like to receive if you're the lucky winner! There are over 100 images to choose from and they are printed on deep gloss archival paper of museum quality.
  • Anyone can enter -- International readers are more than welcome!
  • 2 winners will be chosen via Random.Org
  • Winners will be selected on Monday, September 7th at 9:00 pm PST and announced on Tuesday's post.
  • Please make sure and include your blog link or email me your contact info so that I can contact you after the giveaway.

A Spacious Aztec Signs - Mexico Travel World

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I’m gushing over the fact that it’s my grandmother’s 100th birthday today! She is the most special lady-- not just a “grandma,” but more like a mother to me.

When my cousin was an infant, she couldn't pronounce "Granny" and kept saying "Bannie." My grandmother thought it was cute, and the name "Bannie" was born.

my grandmother, siblings & parents

Born August 28, 1909 in San Francisco, the daughter of Romanian immigrants, Tillie has lived a humbled life of 100 years in the city of San Francisco. A century of stories she has to share. And, let me tell you, at 100, her mind is as sharp as a tack!

My grandparents at Stinson Beach in 1931. They were still courting.

She met my sweet grandfather Stanley in 1930 and got married in 1932. They were married for 66 years and my Papa passed away.

Tillie & Stanley Batt - Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco 1932

My grandparents were married at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco. From this photo it looks like they were from a wealthy family. Not so. Working class families. As my grandmother tells me, in those days things were not as expensive and they saved and saved for special occasions.

Giving. Generous. Sweet. Outgoing. Curious. Selfless. Wise. Bannie has the spirit of a young person. She is excitable and the smallest of things make her happy. If I've inherited just a portion of the qualities she has, I'm grateful.

So today marks 100 for Bannie...a Centurion! This cake above makes me think of Bannie. Fit for a queen!

Tomorrow we will be having a party at her house with family & friends. I can hardly wait! We've been decorating up a storm!

Thank you Bannie for giving me all you had to give. Driving me home from school every day. Attending every single dance recital or concert I was in. Letting me torture you on vacations by dragging you out for hot fudge sundaes when you really didn't want to leave the motel. Letting me bring my laundry over in garbage bags and you having it all ready-- hanged and perfectly pressed!


Camsur Watersports Complex

Are you looking for best vacation destination in the Philippines with world-class watersports facilities? Are you one of those considering Philippines to experience the most extreme ride over water in your whole life?

Then you must give time to visit Camsur Watersports Comlex. Designed to give you the ride of your life the is the first world-class watersports complex, CWC is located within the Provincial Capitol Complex, Cadlan, Pili, Camarines Sur. The province of Camarines Sur, situated in southeastern part of Luzon is found in the Philippines, Southeast Asia.

Camsur Watersports Comlex aims to bring cable skiing to a whole new level and attract watersports enthusiasts from all over the world with its top of the line facilities and relaxing environment. This six (6)-hectare complex, with its 6-point cable ski system, is sure to draw guests, riders and spectators by the thousands. Because of good weather conditions, cable skiing in the park can be done all year round.

Things to do

Ride on Water
Cable skiing is simply water-skiing where the skier is pulled by an overhead cable suspended 8-12 meters above water surface by specifically designed pylons. The cables run counter clockwise around the lake. It is powered by a variable speed electric motor which can maintain speeds between 20 - 65 km/h.

Wakeboarding was created from a combination of water skiing, snow boarding and surfing techniques. Instead of using skis, the rider rides a single board with stationary non-release bindings for each foot, standing sideways. Wakeboarding, besides being one of the world’s fastest growing sports and is gradually being recognized globally, has become a lifestyle for others.

Kneeboarding is an aquatic sport where the participant is towed on a buoyant, convex, and hydrodynamically-shaped board at a planing speed behind a motorboat or cable. In the usual configuration of a towsport kneeboard, the rider sits on his heels on the board, and secures himself to the deck with an adjustable strap. As in wakeboarding or water skiing, the rider hangs onto a tow-rope. The forte of kneeboarding vis-à-vis other towsports seems to be an easier learning curve, and not requiring as much effort to have fun.

Water skiing is a sport where the rider is pulled along by a rope with a handle fitted at one end and the other attached to a powerboat. Within the confines of being pulled along by the boat or cable, skiers can control their direction by balancing their weight on different sides of their ski. This is used to zip back and forth behind the boat. Recreational skiers usually learn to ski with a ski on each foot, but as they improve, they progress to using a single ski, placing the other foot into another binding behind the main one. Beginners on two skis are usually pulled along at around 25-35 kilometers per hour, whereas more advanced social skiers travel between 40 and 55 kilometers per hour - once confidence is gained it is actually easier to travel faster than at slower speeds because of the greater lift and stability.

Wake skating is an adaptation of wakeboarding that employs a similar design of board manufactured from plywood or from fiberglass. The fact that the rider is not bound to the board in any way gives wake skating its own unique challenges from wakeboarding. Instead, the top surface of the board is coated in grip tape in a similar fashion to a skateboard or soft, high-traction foam covering that is kinder to riders in the inevitable crashes. Riders usually wear shoes while riding to afford themselves extra purchase on the board, again in the manner of skateboarding.

How to get there
From Asia, Europe or the USA, fly to Manila, Philippines (NAIA or CENTENNIAL 2 Airports) and take a 35 minute domestic flight via Philippine Airlines to Naga Airport, Pili. The Camsur Watersports Comlex is a 3-minute or 1.5 kilometer drive from the Naga Airport. If you’re up for a road trip, air-conditioned and ordinary buses ply the 8-hour route daily to and from Manila

By Air
The quickest way to get to CamSur is by plane. A direct flight from the Manila Domestic Airport to the town of Pili (14 km. South of the provincial capital Naga) will take about 45 minutes. It is also, however, the most expensive mode of transportation as a one-way ticket costs about Php 2600. If convenience and time matter over money, then fly.

By Land
Although a little sluggish compared to the plane ride (the trip takes about 8-10 hours), taking the bus is much cheaper, with one-way rates clocking in at just around Php600. There are also comfortable options for those who can spend extra bucks. Isarog and Philtranco bus lines offer deluxe 29 seaters with almost fully reclining seats at around Php750.

A reminder for those who wish to use the bus: Make sure that you get reservations and claim your tickets a few hours before your departure. There is a huge demand for these seats, and the bus companies are not apologetic if you have failed to acquire your tickets on time.

The Camsur Watersports Comlex may very well be the next destination for every event imaginable. Book it for competitions, corporate outings, product launches, marketing events, special occasions or your next vacation destination With its complete and world-class facilities, friendly people, not to mention its proximity to the natural wonders that surround the province of Camarines Sur. CWC has a little of anything and everything for anyone and everyone. Indeed CWC is the best cable park in the world!

So what are you waiting for? Come and enjoy your vacation in the Philippines at Camsur Watersports Comlex!

More on Philippines' best tourist vacation destination.

Oh Frank, How Could You?

Did you hear about this? From Coterie's blog. Thanks Alyssa for sharing!

Remembering Dominick Dunne

Sadly, today best-selling author Dominick Dunne died of cancer. What a tremendous writer he was, famous for detailing crimes of the rich, famous, and infamous. You can read an early version of his New York Times obituary here, the memoriam from Vanity Fair here.

Fellow blogger Coterie, suggested a 2009 documentary entitled Dominick Dunne: After the Party- if you are a fan of his, it's a must see.

We will greatly miss this gifted writer.

Photograph by Mark Seliger for Vanity Fair

Vuitton or Goyard?

Goyard and Louis Vuitton totes

My friend Janet recently did a fun post about Louis Vuitton vs. Goyard. Both French design houses date to the mid-1800's.

La Maison Goyard began manufacturing in 1853, and was the artisan’s approach to the making of distinctive cases, trunks, luggage and handbags. Adhering to a traditional fabrication that remains unchanged to this day, all pieces are entirely hand-made in France.

Louis Vuitton began manufacturing in 1854, and was renowned for their trunks and luggage. Originally, the leather cases of Louis Vuitton were inlaid with the grey-colored canvas. In 1896, Georges, the son of Louis Vuitton, combined the initials of his father “L&V” with the flower pattern, designed the world renowned monogram canvas pattern. Entering into the 20th century, the company expanded in terms of locations and financial success.

Goyard’s unique hot stamping techniques enabled personalized monograms to be created, if desired, across a wide array of products and accessories.

In 1858, Monsieur Vuitton introduced his flat-bottom trunks with trianon canvas (they were lightweight and airtight)

I started buying LV in the 1980's. I was in my 20's and spent half of my paycheck to buy a bag, one at a time. Totally obsessed with LV for years. Then I discovered Goyard about 6 years ago and fell in love. I like the fact that you don't see many people wearing it. I do however still appreciate the vintage Louis Vuitton luggage/trunks.

My Goyard "Fidji" bag

Fact: Goyard is still a relatively small family-run company, only sold in France, its San Francisco shop, and Barney's New York. In some cases you have to wait as much as 3 months for the production of a specific style.

Fact: The Louis Vuitton Brand and the famous LV monogram are among the world's most valuable brands and are still hand made. It is the most heavily counterfeited brand in fashion history, with only 1% of all Louis Vuitton-branded items in circulation considered authentic.

FYI, I'm eyeballing this tote here. Love the colors of the stripes.

Okay, which French manufacturer do you prefer? Maybe both? Do you even like logo fashion? Do I appear biased?

Too Pretty to Eat

Several vendors generously donated their wares to create gift bags for the Blog Out Loud event on Sunday. Each contained a delectable cookie from Amber at Sweet Ambs. They're almost too pretty to eat don't you think?

Love this floral cookie. How can you possibly eat it?

I think these cameo cookies are among my favorites

SweetAmbs cookies are made from a basic sugar cookie recipe, which is then flavored with fresh orange zest, vanilla beans, and a hint of cardamom. The royal icing has a dash of vanilla extract to bring together the wonderful flavors of the cookie.

These cookies are inspired by Wedgewood...

Aren't these monogrammed cookies lovely? Sold in sets of 6

These Royal Crown cookies are fit for a Queen!

You can purchase SweetAmbs cookies here on Etsy. She does custom work too!!

photos from SweetAmbs