What do you think of Twitter?

I thought I'd keep up with the social networking world, and recently joined Twitter. I'm slowly learning how to "Tweet," and all of the lingo that goes with it, such at RT's and Follow Fridays. I must say, it's a bit confusing at first, and there are so many tweets to read through. In fact, it's a bit annoying when there are so many tweets from one person that it takes over your Twitter page, and possibly, some posts you want to read, fall through the cracks. And then you can't "unfollow" a person without offending the person! What to do?

I'm wondering if any of you are on Twitter? If so, what do you think about it? Have you gained any useful info, or is it just too much information?

The jury's still out, but I think I prefer blogging and Facebook to Twitter. There are so many social networking sites that it's a bit overwhelming.

Shoe Love: Chie Mihara

Time for some new shoes??

I'm kind of coveting a pair of 1940's inspired shoes by Chie Mihara... Chie Mihara is of Japanese ancestry, but was born and raised in Brazil, and is most noted for her comfortable high heel.
I'm loving the layered bows on these shoes. Just wondering if I could walk in those heels?

Great color combo!
Now these boots look really comfy...

Chie Mihara shoes can be purchased directly from her website here, or other locations including Anthropologie. Warning...I didn't mention the price tag, did I?

First photo: 1950's LIFE magazine - photo Walter Sanders
Shoe photos: chiemihara.com

Curator, Please!

Want to see your loved ones on display in an art museum? Check out this fun site, Dumpr. Pick your favorite photos and download them in 'museum art.' Walla! Instant stardom. They also have a lot of other formats to play with.

Little Vito loves his new fame!

Should You Buy Cruise Line Air?

Yesterday, I read a blog posting that strongly urged readers to book their air directly with the cruise line. The author based the recommendation on several assertions: (1) that the cruise line assumes responsibility for ensuring you arrive to the ship on time; (2) that the cruise line will delay the ship's departure if a group of people on the same flight arranged through the cruise line is delayed; and (3) that the cruise line will pick up the costs travelers incur as a result of flight disruptions and cancellations for air purchased through the cruise line.

I agree that many cruisers pay a premium to purchase airfare through the cruise lines believing that everything the author said is true. Unfortunately, the author could not be more mistaken. Cruise lines will virtually never delay a ship's departure because of flight delays or cancellations, no matter who arranged those flights. The cruise lines have designated dock times for which they pay substantial sums, and incur large fines if they overstay their designated departure time. Besides, do you really believe that a ship will inconvenience perhaps as many as 4,000 other guests simply because some on the cruise are delayed en route?

In addition, good luck trying to address flight delays and interruptions with the cruise lines directly, especially if you are traveling at odd hours (e.g., Sunday morning, late at night, etc.). We've had this issue, and the cruise lines are not staffed or equipped to address them in a efficient manner. What's more, I would be very surprised if the cruise line agreed to pick up substantial incidental costs (such as hotels) because of air delays, disruptions, or cancellations. They are simply booking agents and will place the blame where it belongs: with the airlines.

This is all to say that there is no substitute for purchasing travel insurance to protect yourself against air delays, disruptions, and cancellations. Skip purchasing the cruise line's insurance; if you don't take their airfare, then their insurance most likely will not cover your airfare. Instead, buy your insurance through a reputable travel insurance company. We use, and highly recommend, Travel Guard insurance. Travel Guard has a dedicated flight desk that is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have called on their services numerous times for our clients, and they have immediately stepped in, rerouted our clients, and, if necessary, picked up the costs incurred by our clients as a result of flight delays, interruptions, and cancellations.

In addition, there are many reasons to buy the airfare separately from your cruise line. First, the air is likely to be cheaper, perhaps as much as 1/3rd less. Second, and for some more importantly, you have control over your air schedule. If you purchase cruise line air, you will not know your airline or air schedule until well after your cruise final payment date, and you may not have the most direct route to your destination. By purchasing your own air, you can pick your airline and your flight schedule. Third, you will avoid any deviation charges the cruise line may impose. Cruise lines often post "deviation fees" -- as much as $100 per person -- if you choose to fly to your destination a day or two before your cruise departure, or stay later than the end of your cruise. By arranging your own air, this is an added cost you will not incur.

Finally, a word about "air included" cruise rates. Some cruise lines include airfare with their cruise fares. These lines include Regent Seven Seas Cruises, Oceania Cruises, and Crystal Cruises, among others. When booking one of these cruises, always ask about what the air credit would be if you were to arrange your own air. You might be surprised that, even with included air packages, the combination of airfare and air tax credit you receive off the quoted fare is more than the cost of what you would pay by arranging your air independently. To save even more, ask your travel professional to quote your air rates. Travel professionals, including us, work with a number of air consolidators that purchase airfare in bulk and sell it at a discount. You will travel on a major air carrier in a regular seat aboard the air craft; the only difference is that you might pay hundreds less for the same ticket than the guy sitting next to you on the same flight who booked directly with the airline.

New Choices on the Horizon for Alaska in 2011

Currently, two luxury cruise lines sail Alaska: Regent and Silversea. That is about to change in 2011. Crystal Cruises will return to Alaska for the first time since it retired the Crystal Harmony from its fleet. Disney Cruise Line also has announced plans to sail Alaska in 2011, giving families a welcome (and fun) alternative to the current offering of contemporary family-oriented ships. Finally, rumor has it that with the introduction of a 4th ship to its fleet, Oceania Cruises for the first time will be sailing Alaska in 2011. These will be in addition to the mainstays in Alaska: Holland America Line, Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean, and Celebrity Cruises.

All of this raises the question, of course, of whether the Alaska market (which proved soft in 2009) can fill all these new beds. What do you think? Will the return of Crystal and the introduction of Disney and Oceania merely service a segment of the market that previously was underserved in Alaska, or will their introduction lead to market over-saturation?

Some of the Best Promotions in the Luxury Market

Here is a rundown of some of the better promotions going on right now in the luxury cruise market.

This week, Crystal Cruises announced its 20th Anniversary Celebration. Its offers throughout 2010 are some of the most extraordinary out there, especially for the luxury market. The offers includes fares that are lower than comparable 2009 fares on many itineraries, offering better than 2-for-1 rates, free roundtrip economy class airfare for guests booking an ocean view and balcony (remember, Crystal has no interior staterooms) and free business class air for guests booking suites and higher, and up to $2,000 "As You Wish" spending credit onboard. This is in addition to Crystal's price guarantee, which means that should you book and your fare goes down before sailing, Crystal will rerate your cruise to the lower rate automatically. These fares are enough for us to decide to host a Thanksgiving Cruise Holidays of Alexandria cruise aboard the Crystal Symphony roundtrip Los Angeles. Sail with us November 21-28, 2010, and you'll enjoy the extraordinary rate of just $2,165 for a Category E stateroom, plus prepaid gratuities and a $500 "As You Wish" spending credit.

Oceania also has released its 2010/2011 Winter Collection. It's entire collection (as in years past) includes free roundtrip airfare and up to $3,000 off 2-for-1 rates. A first for Oceania is its new pricing structure. No longer do guests have to add air and cruise taxes, which in previous years could add as much as $1,000 to the rate. Now, the rates include all taxes, lending themselves to no surprises. The only additional costs to the guest are transfers and of course the onboard expenses, such as gratuities and beverages. But these too are minimized. First, Oceania has begun to include non-alcoholic beverages free-of-charge on board its ships. Second, the largest Oceania travel partners, like Cruise Holidays of Alexandria, have negotiated pre-paid gratuities for their guests onboard, saving them hundreds of dollars additional on their cruise.

Finally, Silversea has offered an array of incredible opportunities to sail one of its luxury ships. Silversea still is offering up to 60% off numerous itineraries. This puts Silversea within reach of many people who in the past could not afford to travel aboard. When you consider that Silversea is all-inclusive, and therefore guests will not face a large bill at the end of the cruise for such things as beverages (both alcoholic and non-alcholic) or for gratuities, Silversea absolutely is worth considering. But don't wait; Silversea already has announced plans to discontinue its 60% off rates beginning in early October.

For these or any other cruise offers, contact Cruise Holidays toll free at (866) 368-7327. You never pay more with us than booking directly with the cruise line, and frequently pay less.

Pamper Yourself This Weekend!

How about a relaxing day at the Polished Beauty Lounge in Atlanta? I realize that most of you are scattered around the globe, and I'm in California, but wouldn't it be fun to all meet up here for a mani and pedi?

Their "Sugar Treat" manicure sounds yummy...it includes your choice of dipped strawberries or white chocolate sugar soak, a chocolate Grand Marnier souffle exfoliating scrub, followed by an incredible moisturizing massage with Bavarian cream whipped body frosting.

Sounds fun to me! Enjoy your weekend!!

Borobudur World Wonder Heritages

Who does not know Candi Borobudur? This Buddhist temple has 1460 relief panels and 504 Buddha effigies in the complex. Millions of people longing to visit the buildings included in this World Wonder Heritages. Not surprisingly, since architecturally and functionally, as a place of worship, Borobudur is attractive.

Borobudur was built by King Samaratungga, one of the kings of Old Mataram Kingdom, Sailendra descendants. Based on Kayumwungan inscription, an Indonesian named Hudaya Kandahjaya revealed that Borobudur is a place of worship which was completed May 26 824, nearly a hundred years since the early days was built. The name of Borobudur itself according to some people means a mountain having terraces (budhara), while the other says that Borobudur means monastery on the high places.

Borobudur-shaped building berundak punden consists of 10 levels. Height 42 meters before being renovated and 34.5 meters after the renovation because the lowest level was used as a drag. Six lowest level and square in the upper three floors and a circular highest level of Buddhist stupa facing to the west. Each level represents the stage of human life. In accordance with of Buddha Mahayana, anyone who wants to reach the level of Buddha must go through each of those life stages.

The base of Borobudur, called Kamadhatu, symbolizing human beings that are still bound by lust. Four levels mentioned above represents Rupadhatu humans who have set themselves free from lust but still tied to appearance and shape. At these levels, a statue of Buddha placed in open space. Meanwhile, three levels above where the Buddhist stupa placed in the holes is called Arupadhatu, symbolizing human beings that have been freed from lust, appearance, and shape. The top part is called Arupa symbolizes nirvana, where Buddha is residing.

Each terrace has beautiful relief panels showing how skillful. Relief that will be read by coherently when you walk in a clockwise direction (toward the left of the entrance of the temple). The relief panels tell the legendary story of Ramayana. In addition, there are relief panels describing the condition of society at that time. For example, relief of farmers' activity reflecting the advance of agriculture system and relief of sailing boat representing the advance of the time the cruise was centered in Bergotta (Semarang).

All relief panels in Borobudur temple reflect the teachings of the Buddha. Hence, this temple functions as educating the media for people who want to learn Buddhism. YogYES invites you to walk through each narrow passage in Borobudur in order to understand the philosophy of Buddhism. Atisha, a Buddhist from India in the 10th century, had visited the temple that was built 3 centuries before Angkor Wat in Cambodia and 4 centuries before the Grand Cathedrals in Europe.

Thanks to visiting Borobudur and having Buddhist manuscripts from Serlingpa (King of Sriwijaya), Atisha was able to develop Buddhism. He became head of Vikramasila monastery and taught Tibetans of practicing Dharma. Six scripts from any Serlingpa reduced to a core doctrine called "The Lamp for the Path to Enlightenment" or better known by the name Bodhipathapradipa.

Tari Saman From Aceh is the Indonesian Traditional Dance

A traditional art called "summons" has grown and developed in Central Aceh regions, especially in Gayo society. Gayo natural hinterland lies Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam Province. Saman dance itself was born ± XIV century, until today is still growing and still in its original form, which is almost in every village in this region warrant tersebut.Tarian created and developed by an Islamic religious leader called Sheikh Saman, so the name of the dance similar (synonyms) creators own name

Saman dance is the development of the art of dance, which originally was called "Pok pok Ane" is singing a poem to the accompaniment of clapping hands, pat his chest and thigh slap. Then by Sheikh Saman Pok pok Ane art is altered and embellished with various variations. There was movement applause, pat your chest, thigh with his right hand and left, changing the turn, so was born Sarah saman Uman, Manjik Saman and others. Saman dance can be classified as entertainment / performances, because performances of dance is not bound by time, event or a particular ceremony. Can be displayed at every opportunity that is noise and joy.

Saman own poems used in Arabic and Aceh. Before the start of a warrant mukaddimah or opening, appears a wise old man or a traditional leaders to represent the local community (keketar) or advice that is useful to the players and spectators. Songs and poems together disclosure and continuous, the players consist of men who are still young by wearing traditional clothes. Presentation of the dance can also be performed, the match between the group with a group guests sepangkalan (two groups). Assessment emphasis on the ability of each group in following the movements, dance and song (poetry) presented by the opposition.

Tari Saman is the delivery of ideas that contains the values of education as a whole. Thus, saman dance play an important role in the socio-cultural life of the Indonesian nation. In this perspective saman dance that developed in the province of Aceh, Gayo tribe in particular can give a positive contribution in the culture of the Acehnese people. especially in the arts of life, local language and local customs in Aceh. In addition, saman dance has been able to contribute to moral education and religious fields. In each appearance, speakers track always instilled good qualities, both moral view or religious views.

What Happened to the Gift Center?

Today I thought I'd take a drive to the San Francisco Gift Center & Jewelry Mart. Since 1912, the Gift Center has been San Francisco's wholesale gift & jewelry destination, with floors of showrooms to peruse. It has been the cornerstone of the San Francisco Design District. They used to have a lovely center court where tuxedoed waiters would serve you. A nice Caesar salad, some sourdough bread, and a glass of iced tea -- then off to the showrooms -- a great way to spend an afternoon!

Well, today the place was like a ghost town. I went up to the 5th floor that used to have some of the finest showrooms with top candle lines, books and accessories. Gone. Only about 3 of them are left. Thank heavens Mary Hada still is. The other floors were mostly empty showrooms with renovation signs, and only a couple of showrooms filled. Showrooms were actually being emptied out while I was there. And I thought the recession was winding down. You know things are bad when I can find free parking in front of the Gift Center.

I asked a woman passing by what was happening. She answered, "they're trying to run us out." I didn't know what that meant, so I came home and starting Googling about the Gift Center. Apparently it was purchased by a private equity firm for 94 million, and they are trying to reposition the property with 275,000 square feet of new office space and ground-floor retail.

Where does that leave the showrooms? Where did they go? Where do retail shop owners go to, say, smell a line of new candles or perfumes? Seeing the Gift Center today really saddened me. Times are a changin' for sure.

photo credit from here

Looking for Writers...

photo from here

My friend Martin Codina (Fine Estate Liquidation), is looking for regular contributors to his blog that have expertise in the "vintage world." Martin is an antiques aficionado & estate liquidator, based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Some of the subjects he is looking to cover are; costume or fine jewelry, vintage clothing, Mid Century, Taxco, sterling silver, Arts and Crafts, art pottery, vintage watches, antique furniture, Shabby Chic, old posters, fine art, outsider art, "Mantiques," Cottage Antiques, and you Paris aficionados.

photo from here

SO, if you're interested in contributing, here is a chance to drive traffic to your site, and above all, share your wonderful knowledge with others!

You'll need:
  • Some writing experience.

  • Have some sort of vintage, antiques, or collectibles expertise.
  • Want to inform or educate others.

If interested, please contact Martin at martin@finesf.com, or visit his blog here.

Did I mention that Martin is one of my favorite people?

Look! They're Dancing!


Another fun find from Hollister Hovey's blog. Sorry Hollister, you just keep posting great stuff! This phenakistoscope gif animation was found at Morbid Anatomy.

What is a phenakistoscope?
It was an early animation device, the predecessor of the zoetrope, invented in 1832 by by Joseph Plateau of Belgium. Plateau devoted his life to the study of optics, the science of light and vision.

Images on a disc when spun gives the illusion of couples dancing. I love this!!

Here is an antique style phenakistoscope found here.

How about these boxers?

Animated images from Hollister Hovey, Morbid Anatomy & Wikipedia

Seasonal SALE at Paris Hotel Boutique!

We're making room for our Fall/Winter inventory, and offering several selected items that have been reduced, from accessories to furniture. You'll have to browse around a bit to see the selected markdowns. Click here to visit the site...

Art Dolls Ondel Ondel of Betawi

Art Dolls Ondel Ondel of Betawi 1
Ondel-ondel is show the people that have been there for centuries in Jakarta and surrounding areas, which today is a Betawi area. Although the performance of such people there are in some other places like the Priangan known as Badawang, in Cirebon called Beans and Barongan in Bali called Barong Landung, but ondel-ondel have distinct characteristics.

Ondel classified Ondel-one form of theater without said, because it was originally used as the personification of the ancestor or ancestors, protecting the safety of the village and everything in it. Thus can be considered as a bearer plays or stories, as with "bekakak" the ceremony "cut bekakak" limestone mountains south of Yogyakarta city, which was held in Sapar every year.

Ondel-shaped ondel big doll with bamboo framework with a size less than 2.5 M, the height and diameters less than 80 cm. Created in such a way so that the bearers who are in it can move somewhat freely. Her hair is made from fibers, "bump" the Betawi people. Shaped face mask or a mask, with round eyes (round) widened.

Art Dolls Ondel Ondel of Betawi 2
Ondel-ondel depicting male red-painted face, which describes a white-faced woman or yellow. Ondel-ondel is usually used to enliven the procession, such as circumcision and bride paraded forth. Normally just brought a pair, male and female. But today depends on the owner's request lavatory. Even in public celebrations such as birthday anniversary of Jakarta, also used to bring a few pairs, so that is a separate procession is quite festive.

Music accompaniment ondel not ondel-specific, depending on each group. There Tanjidor accompanied, as ondel-ondel party leaders Gejen, Setu village. There is a drum accompaniment as pencak Betawi group "Beringin Sakti" leadership Duloh (alm), now leader Yasin, from Rawasari. There is also accompanied by Bende, "Kemes", ningnong and Rebana Ketimpring, like ondel-ondel party leaders Lamoh, Kalideres

Art Dolls Ondel Ondel of Betawi 3
In addition to enliven the procession in the past also used to tour, "Ngamen". Especially in the celebration of New Year's celebrations, both BC and the Lunar New Year. Target on New Year's Day celebration Menteng area, which occupied many Christians.

Making ondel-ondel conducted in an orderly, good time as well as unmasked form at the time her body weaving bamboo materials. Before work begins, usually provided that such offering contains red and white pulp, rujak rujakan seven-way, flowers etc. seven kinds, besides of course the burn incense. Similarly ondel-ondel the ready-made, usually also provided offerings and burned incense, accompanied by incantations, chants aimed at a deemed spirits hover the ondel-ondel. Before expelled from the storage, when to leave to play, always held offerings. The burning of incense made by the leadership group, or one of the elder. According to local terms such ceremony is called "perfume" or "ngukup".

What do you CRAVE?

I just purchased the latest issue of "CRAVE San Francisco." CRAVE guidebooks celebrate stylish entrepreneurs by showcasing the most creative and interesting proprietors from cities all over the world. They are awesome. So fun to see some of my friends shops so beautifully showcased!

I love the fact that CRAVE focuses on local businesses, no chains. You'll find everything from top boutiques, cafes, spas and more. CRAVE showcases the dedicated women behind these enterprises.

Also, just released this Fall are guides from Portland, Chicago, Austin, Atlanta, Boston and Toronto.

These make great gifts as well! To find out where to purchase, visit CRAVE's website here.

photos from CRAVE

Coast Parangtritis Most Famous Beach in Yogjakarta

Parangtritis beach is one beach that must be visited, not just because it is the most popular beach in Yogyakarta, but also has a close relationship with various other tourist attractions, such as the Sultan's Palace, Beach Parangkusumo and Merapi area. The beach is located 27 kilometers from the city center is also part of the power of Ratu Kidul.

Naming Parangtritis has its own historicity. It is said that someone named Dipokusumo who are fugitives from the kingdom of Majapahit came to this area hundreds of years ago to do meditation. When he saw droplets of water that flows from the rock cracks, he was named the area became South ', from the machete (= stone) and tumaritis (= drop of water). The beach is located in the area was eventually named the same.

Parangtritis beach is a beach full of myth, believed to be a manifestation of the unity of the trinity consisting of Mount Merapi, Yogyakarta Kingdom and Parangtritis. This beach is also believed to be the meeting place Panembahan Senopati with Sunan Kalijaga shortly after completion through meditation. In the meeting, Senopati reminded to remain humble as though a supernatural ruler.

The primary attraction of this beach. Enjoy the natural view the most important. Natural charm that can diintip from various locations and how that landscape is more varied views and you also have a different experience. If you are standing on the edge of beaches, natural charm that seems a sea view are immense with the harsh waves and high cliffs on the east.

Satisfied with landscapes you can enjoy the experience of other attractions to the historic sites located around Parangtritis Beach. One of them is the tomb of Sheikh Bela Belu located on the road to the beach. You can go through the steps of a highway connecting with the sacred hill where the tomb is. Generally, many pilgrims came on Tuesday kliwon.

To achieve Parangtritis, you can choose two routes. First, the route of Yogyakarta - Imogiri - Siluk - Parangtritis offering spectacular river and mountain rocks. Second, through the route of Yogyakarta - Parangtritis that can be done with due mdah relatively good roads. Recommended, you do not wear green to honor local residents who believed that green dress could bring disaster.

Kecak Dance From Area Bali is Indonesian Traditional Dance

Kecak is often called "The Monkey Dance" for the tourists is a dance in a relatively new form of drama but the show has become a very popular / famous and has become a must watch show for tourists both domestic and abroad. Dance scenes kecak been promoted in several poscard, tourist guide and others.

Kecak is the name is a name that directly taken after the sound "cak, cak" in saying that continually throughout the show. There are some who explained that the word or sound "cak" actually means a very important and significant in the show.

Not known for certain where the dance originated and where kecak was first developed, but there is a kind of consensus on the Bali kecak first time developed into a performing arts in Bona, Ganyar, as additional knowledge kecak initially a tembang or produced music from the sound synthesis which form the melody is usually used to accompany the sacred dances Sahyang. And can only be performed in the temples. Then in the early 1930s from the village astist Bona, Gianyar trying to develop kecak dance by taking the story of Ramayana as a substitute didramatarikan Trance Dance that dance is ultimately can be displayed in public as performance art. Part of the Ramayana story was first taken in which the Goddess Sita was abducted by King Ravana.

As a Kecak performance is supported by some very important factors, more is more in this kecak show presents dance as an introduction to the story, of course the music is vital to accompany the dancers sway lenggak. But in the Kecak music sounds generated from a combination of peak, amounting to around 50 to 70 people it will make music akapela, a leader will act as the initial tone memberika longer act as a stressor in charge of high pressure or low tone of an act as a solo singer, and another will act as the mastermind who brought ki storyline. Kecak dance dancer in the movement should not follow the standard are standard dance accompanied by gamelan. So in this kecak dance dancer's body movements more relaxed because the main priority is the story and voice synthesis.

L 'Shana Tova ~ Happy Jewish New Year

Many of my friends have asked me what the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah) is. Tomorrow evening begins the holiest days of the year for the Jewish people. The Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah is widely known and celebrated as the New Years Day of the Jewish calendar, but actually Rosh Hashanah has a fourfold meaning.

  • It is the Day of Judgment as Jews worldwide examine their past deeds and ask for forgiveness for their sins.

  • It is the Day of Shofar blowing as the Shofar (the ram's horn) is blown in temple to herald the beginning of the 10 day period known as the High Holy Days.

  • It is the Day of Remembrance as Jews review the history of their people.

  • And of course, it is celebrated with its special prayers, and festive and sweet foods such as apples and honey, to ensure sweetness in the New Year.

  • To all of you who celebrate, L'Shana Tova. May you have a wonderful and sweet year ahead!

    Glamour Dogs

    Joan Collins with dyed pink poodle: photo credit: Slim Aarons

    I chuckled when I saw these vintage photos of Joan Collins and Doris Day with their dyed poodles! We adorn our dogs more than ever now with fancy clothes and jewelry. Well... some do.

    Doris Day and her Poodles, Paris, 1950, photo credit: John Florea

    This is my toy poodle, Vito. How do you think he would look dyed? I don't think he'd be a happy camper.

    If you want to see some great dog glamour shots, Catherine Ledner's book, "Glamour Dogs" is due out his week and I can't wait to see it. Ledner is a California-based photographer who has a love for animals. "Catherine Ledner brilliantly captures these doggie doyenes in all their glamorous glory as they strut their stuff on the catwalk, recline on sumptuous furniture and pose on the latest of floor and wall fashions." -Chronicle Books.

    Your can purchase Glamour Dogs here. You can also purchase Catherine's whimsical animal prints on her website here.

    Woof Woof!

    Glamour Dogs book cover image from Chronicle books

    Traditional Weapon Badik of Makassar

    Traditional Weapon Badik of Makassar 1Lekko pitu. Badik or keris, a long form with the agreed curve, where a pointed tip, and stem decorated with lines resembling veins flow from the rod tip up to the kris, which is embedded in the wood called the stomach with the butt.

    Keris known as pitu lekko Badik, Luwu tana community, south sulawesi. sometimes believed to be local people can protect them from the threat of danger, and made by some male or Bura'ne regional languages, as personal protection.

    According to tau Luwu trust, or his Indonesian people Luwu, if Badik lekko pitu, is supposedly said Badik made by their ancestors who used to be one of tools of war weapons, to fight the enemy.

    Traditional Weapon Badik of Makassar 2Disulawesi southern or formerly known denagan celebes, some areas that have the kingdom, each having a weapon or Badik heritage, which until now was inherited by some of his generation.

    If ditana Luwu, known as pitu lekko Badik, it is different in the kingdom of Makassar and Gowa, Makassar and Gowa community, has Badik tau kalewang regional languages, which are named Badik battang Lompo.

    Lompo Badik battang called, because in the middle or body Badik, like berbetuk concave belly, but the tip remains pointed, usually battang Lompo Badik size, slightly greater than other regions Badik.

    Traditional Weapon Badik of Makassar 3Meanwhile in the kingdom of bone, which represents the community or tana bugis ugi, also has called Badik KAWALI ugi (Badik bugis). Diaman KAWALI ugi, size is not too long, nor simple form

    Diversity Badik variety, of course, not only in the four regions bugis kingdom, makassar, Gowa and Luwu kingdom, but almost all regions in South Sulawesi province, has Badik with diversity and characteristics of each area.

    Makassar bugis for society, or community south sulawesi, especially men Bura'ne, once it is identical with Badik themselves, where Badik was used as a symbol of virility "real man".

    Usually if man-makassar bugis, feel humiliated, then there is only one word that they use as a symbol, namely siri'napacce, which sometimes is they must finish with a male, who ultimately end up at the end Badik.

    However, eroded by time and change this culture, is now only a few men-bugis makassar, which maintain or Badik mengidentikan himself with this also because the rules of law that prohibits people with Badik.