Federal Hill, Baltimore Travel Image

Federal Hill, Baltimore Travel Image
The neighborhood is named for the prominent hill that is easily viewed from the Inner Harbor area, to which the neighborhood forms the physical south boundary. The hillside is a lush green and serves as a community park. The neighborhood occupies the northwestern part of a peninsula that extends along two branches of the Patapsco River—the Northwest Branch (ending at the Inner Harbor) and the Middle Branch. This peninsula is generally referred to as the South Baltimore Peninsula, and includes the neighborhoods of Federal Hill, Locust Point, Riverside, South Baltimore, and Sharp-Leadenhall. While not physically a part of the peninsula, Otterbein is also included in the collection of neighborhoods which make up greater South Baltimore. Traditionally, Federal Hill was roughly triangular, bordered by Hanover Street to the west; Hughes Street, the harbor, and Key Highway to the north and east; and The Rail Yard to the south.

Bondi Beach Sidney Australia, Perfect Place to Surf and Chill Out

Bondi Beach, located seven miles east of the central business district of Sydney, Waverley Council local government area, in the Eastern Suburbs and the name of a popular beach near the outskirts of Sydney, Australia. Almost 1 km (0.6 miles) long, Bondi Beach is a wide strip-shaped curve of white sand bordered by concrete road along the beach and the cliffs at both ends. The water is turquoise and clear.
Bondi Beach Sidney Australia, Perfect Place to Surf and Chill OutLike many Australian beaches, safe swimming area bounded by the 'red and yellow flag of the famous'. Because of strong rip currents, swimmers are expected to remain between the flags so that they can be watched by lifeguards.

Bondi Beach Sidney Australia, Perfect Place to Surf and Chill OutLike many Australian beaches, safe swimming area bounded by the 'red and yellow flag of the famous'. Because of strong rip currents, swimmers are expected to remain between the flags so that they can be watched by lifeguards.
Bondi Beach Sidney Australia, Perfect Place to Surf and Chill OutIt is served throughout the year to ensure safe swimming and surfing beach in one of the busiest in the world.

Bondi Beach Sidney Australia, Perfect Place to Surf and Chill OutBlonde Australian lifestyle, Bondi Beach is a great place to surf and relax. As you might expect, the most popular activities at Bondi Beach surf.
Bondi Beach Sidney Australia, Perfect Place to Surf and Chill OutOn the southern end of Bondi Beach in an iceberg Swimming Club, health club on the beach with the view that panomaric facilities include a bar, restaurant, swimming pool 50m, outdoor, fitness center, massage, sauna.
Bondi Beach Sidney Australia, Perfect Place to Surf and Chill OutTo find some other stunning beaches of Sydney, you can follow the Coastal Walk to Coogee Beach, by the Tamarama Beach and Bronte Beach. walk along the cliffs overlooking the beach south of Sydney's needs making.

Pitbull Hotel Room

If you're considering a property investment, especially overseas, then you've plenty of options available to you. From traditional holiday homes, to shared-ownership schemes, to off-plan apartments, they all have their upsides and downs but one type of investment is increasingly becoming the alternative of choice - buy to let hotel rooms.

Buy to let hotel rooms, apart-hotels or condo-hotels, call them what you will but the concept is incredibly simple. Hotel and resort developers offer individual investors the chance to buy hotel rooms within a high-end development. The investor sees an annual income from room rentals, benefits from capital growth and can even make use of the hotel room as a perfect holiday destination complete with all the benefits of a top-class hotel.

So if you're considering a property investment, overseas or closer to home, could a buy to let hotel room be the right option for you? Well, here are five good reasons why it might be:

Buy to let hotel rooms can help reduce your exposure to risk

When you invest in a buy to let hotel room, your investment is less in the room but in the success of the hotel as a whole. Generally, buy to let suites and hotel rooms are pooled together so that you earn a percentage of the room rates across the hotel, not just on your own room. A single investment property may lie empty for months at a time, meaning lost revenues, but hotel rooms attract guests all year round.

Hotel Room Service

Luxury Amid Glamor

Las Vegas, that heady, sensuous domain known for casinos and gambling is a hugely popular vacation resort nationally and internationally. People who prize luxury choose the very best to assure their Las Vegas experience is satisfying. Las Vegas is the place for self-indulgence. It's the Mecca of utopian glitz and glamor. This makes it easier to find the right hotel rooms that suit most anyone wishes and dreams. This glamorous fantasyland has all of the amenities above and beyond most expectations. Here, it's amusement amid opulence; but, opulence that's very affordable. It just makes sense to treat oneself to a stay at luxury hotel rooms. Even if the casinos are not the main reason for booking a luxury hotel room here, the experience of this city on the desert floor of Nevada is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be as close to the limits of grandeur as possible.

The Many Sights and Sounds

Choosing luxury hotel is a unique opportunity to drink in all that this city has to offer within close distance to room accommodations. Luxury hotel rooms on the Vegas Strip, along the 3.8 mile long Las Vegas Boulevard, provide a view of Stratosphere Tower and the famous "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign that greets all visitors to this amazing town. This is also the location of some of the most famous Hotels and Casinos such as Harrah's, MGM Mirage, Circus Circus Las Vegas, Planet Hollywood, Red Rock, The Las Vegas Hilton, The Tropicana, Hooters, Bally's and a host of others. All offer, hotel accommodations as well as nightlife and entertainment and casino gambling on a 24/7 basis.

How to Find Luxury Hotel Rooms In Vegas

Though there are numerous hotels in this city of bright neon lights, choosing from the best of the luxury hotels isn't complicated. For a listing of the best rated 4-star luxury hotels, there are various resources of information on how hotels are rated and which hotels receive top ratings. Look for 4 and 5 star hotel rating in terms of the best luxury hotel.

Back to Reality

Just returned from a wonderful, but too short getaway in Southern California. It was so nice to see the sun and spend some "girl time" with my dear friend!

Four short days away and I forgot about our horrendous San Francisco weather. I ran out last night to get a bite to eat and couldn't help but take a little video to share a little bit of San Francisco summer with you...

On another note...

My "guess the photo" post last week was solved! Once again, the ever-so-brilliant Roseline from This is Glamorous identified this photo. It was actually part of a Photoshop contest (had me fooled) at Worth 1000. Credit: Oil Corner. Thanks Roseline...your prize is on its way!

The current issue of Vintage Magazine, Deuxieme issue has launched. For excerpts visit their website or pick up a copy at fine shops and museums, or subscribe. It's stunning!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

Surfers Paradise – The Heart of Tourism in Southeast Queensland, The Best Surfing Spots in The World

Surfers Paradise is a large coastal city and commercial center area, located in the heart of Gold Coast, on the east coast of Queensland, Australian. Located about 80 km south of Brisbane, Surfers Paradise is more popular known as the surfers.

Surfers Paradise – The Heart of Tourism in Southeast Queensland, The Best Surfing Spots in The WorldThe resort offers a great choice to provide all types of visitor attractions, with its beautiful beaches, great shopping and dining options, a vibrant nightlife, a variety of fun attractions, and the tower-rise apartments. Therefore, no wonder why Surfers Paradise has been recognized as the Golf Coast playground.

Surfers Paradise – The Heart of Tourism in Southeast Queensland, The Best Surfing Spots in The WorldSurfers Paradise Beach offers excellent service, wide range of restaurants, cafes, and upscale accommodations. Extending along the Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise patrolled by coast guard both the Gold Coast City Council, and one of the most safe and clean beaches on the Gold Coast region.

Surfers Paradise – The Heart of Tourism in Southeast Queensland, The Best Surfing Spots in The WorldSurfers Paradise – The Heart of Tourism in Southeast Queensland, The Best Surfing Spots in The World
For example, a flag with the color combination of red and yellow indicate the safest swimming area. However, the yellow warning dangerous conditions. If you see a red flag, they do not always need to swim or fishing effort in this area. In addition to water activities, there are also options available for play, bungee jumping beach volleyball, and golf, with many professional golf courses as well as stylish. When it comes to the streets, Surfers Paradise including a number of attractions in the form of museums, art galleries, and fun and entertainment centers.
No trip to Surfers Paradise would be complete without a trip to Cavill Mall. In addition, the famous Cavill Mall with many themes of the museum, street entertainers, amusement arcade, shopping malls, clothing shops and surf.

Surfers Paradise – The Heart of Tourism in Southeast Queensland, The Best Surfing Spots in The WorldIn the same way fine dining options available in Surfers Paradise, with a series of side-street restaurants, outdoor cafes, fast food companies, and great restaurants as the Hard Rock Cafe. Above all, the famous Surfers Paradise nightlife that attracts a lot, boasting an adult where a myriad of bars, themes and bars for adults, many of which are concentrated around the hot spot in a city like Cavill Avenue and Orchid Avenue.

Surfers Paradise – The Heart of Tourism in Southeast Queensland, The Best Surfing Spots in The WorldOne of the most popular choice amongst tourists in the hotel room with a fun class with the most advanced facilities such as facilities, air conditioning, tea and coffee making facilities, shower areas and beautiful. This usually involves selecting one or two bedrooms and separate fully equipped kitchen, en-suite bathroom, a beautiful dining room, and balcony that offers panoramic views of the beach and the Gold Coast.

Bali Island Chosen As Best in the World

Bali Island Chosen As Best in the WorldAmid national mourning for the tragedy Indonesia dihotel JW Marriot bombing and the Ritz Carlton, two months ago. Turns out there's a very exciting and proud nation of Indonesia, Bali was chosen as the best island in the world, international tourism magazine Travel & Leisure.

At this year's Bali defeated the Galapagos archipelago, which had to settle for second diurutan. In 2008, the Galapagos islands which occupies the first position, and in 2009 reversed this position, Bali diurutan first, followed later by the Galapagos Islands.

This is a turning point for tourism, Bali in particular and Indonesia in general, amid a travel warning from the U.S. states and Australia against Indonesia following the tragedy of the bomb last Friday, but apparently that's not a big impact on world views Indonesia.
Indonesia forward, no one can divide this nation, because Indonesia is one, the Republic of Indonesia.

Vacation in Dubai - The Great Destination for Holiday and Shopping

Vacation in Dubai - The Great Destination for Holiday and ShoppingDubai is the perfect vacation destination for families and business visitors. There are cheap hotels in Dubai give royal hospitality to people who visit here. Dubai is the perfect destination for family vacations. the world's richest horse race was held in Dubai where horses of different continents compete with one another; one million dollar lottery held at a periodic rate, there are more attractions such as international tennis, golf tournaments and months long holiday shopping. Dubai provides the perfect luxury hotel - the Burj Al Arab shaped billowing sail-perched on an artificial platform at sea.Vacation in Dubai - The Great Destination for Holiday and ShoppingSome places are more famous scenes in Creek side Park, Wild Wadi Water Park, bird sanctuary, an indoor ski resort and the Gold Souk.

From attractive and large shopping centers for pulsed operation and the soul ... Shopping in Dubai is an amazing experience. Dubai shopping is the best offer you an affordable price. Be it high fashion goods, almost all the modern gadgets, appliances, jewelry, furniture, products or other products and manufactured goods available you will find the best products. Both the central attraction in Dubai Dubai Shopping Festival and Dubai Summer surprises, including Shopping. Being shopping oriented these celebrations attract millions of tourists and visitors, especially during the months of July and January, February. Post a number of shopping malls, Dubai to serve the needs of every customer and need.

Vacation in Dubai - The Great Destination for Holiday and ShoppingKnown as 'Layali Dubai' in Arabic, the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF), in the year 1996 by the Dubai government as a trade event is intended primarily to promote trade and tourism in Dubai.

Holidays in Dubai on the world stage has evolved over the last few years to strengthen Dubai as a tourist destination plural.

Dubai's ever claimed to be unproductive and dry areas, today is one of the most required after holiday destinations, especially during the months of Dubai Shopping Festival. Having acknowledged for Desert Safari, Dubai currently offers provide an enjoyable shopping experience. In addition, you may also be brokers in different adventure activities like sea tours, parasailing, mountain, skydiving, surfing, skydiving, golf, sand in the desert, underwater adventures ... fun, excitement prancio Land in abundance here.

Vacation in Dubai - The Great Destination for Holiday and ShoppingVisited by millions of tourists worldwide every year, the Dubai shopping festival is a lot of demand for merriment. heavy discount prices on designer clothes and recognized, jewelry making stylish, technologically advanced electrical gadgets, gizmos and machineries are available, with a sweet tooth lip of the gorge, to mingle with an interesting cultural activities, surprised and amazed by the fire of inspiration in the night. For the purpose of tourists staying at the cheapest hotels in Dubai gray.

Dubai makes the best of times. Also, after searching the brave and the bold adventurer, the city of Dubai provides exciting activities to indulge in From sand surfing on the famous golden hill Dubai desert, motto-crossing in the path of a challenge, and skydiving from a height of 12,000 feet or swim laps and diluted baby stranded marine life ... then you will never understand the fun of like this before until and unless you're visiting Dubai.

From attractive and large shopping centers for pulsed operation and the soul ... Shopping in Dubai is an amazing experience. Dubai shopping is your best deals at affordable prices. Be it high fashion goods, the most modern of all gadgets, home appliances, jewelry, furniture, products or other products and manufactured goods available you'll find the best products

Angkor Wat Temple

Built from 802 to 1220 AD by the Khmer civilization, the temples at Angkor represent one of the most enduring and astonishing architectural achievements of humankind. The more than 100 stone structures that we see today are the surviving remnants of a grand administrative, religious, and social metropolis. The other buildings (public buildings, palaces, homes, etc.) were actually built from wood and do not exist anymore.

Conventional theories assume that the land where Angkor is located was chosen as the settlement spot due to its strategic position for military purposes, as well as its agricultural potential. However, other scholars think that the location and the arrangement of Angkor was based on planet-spanning sacred land from archaic periods.

Angkor Wat was built early in 1100s by Suryavarman over an estimated 30 years and honors Vishnu, the Hindu god. The ruins are a symbolic structure of Hindu cosmology. This is actually the biggest monument in the group, as well as the best preserved. The wonder is located about 4 miles to the north of Siem Reap and south of Angkor Thom, and Angkor Wat is only accessible from its gate to the west.

Angkor Wat consists of a huge temple that symbolizes Mt. Meru, a mythic mountain, and its 5 walls and moats are a representation of mountainous chains, as well as the cosmic ocean. This temple was a funerary temple built for King Suryavarman II. The vast compound’s short dimensions are aligned precisely along the north-south axis, and the east to west axis was diverted deliberately 0.75° to give its observers an anticipation of the equinox in spring for 3 days.

Angkor WatAngkor Wat Temple
Angkor WatAngkor Wat Temple
Angkor WatAngkor Wat Temple
Angkor WatAngkor Wat Temple
Angkor WatAngkor Wat Temple
Angkor WatAngkor Wat Temple
Angkor WatAngkor Wat Temple
Angkor WatAngkor Wat Temple

Big Island Hawaii-Shep De pandanx

Hawaii’s biggest island has everything you could ever want to do and more. But what separates it from the other islands is Volcano National Park. Explore volcanoes, climb through old lava tubes, and watch as new lava oozes into the ocean. Then there are all the waterfalls on the island, too. Big Island has it all. I mean it’s Hawaii- how could you go wrong!? The wet season is from October to March, though the weather is cooler. However, despite being located near each other, weather conditions on each islands can vary greatly so you never know what to expect!

Big Island Hawaii
Big Island Hawaii

Big Island Hawaii
Big Island Hawaii
Big Island Hawaii
Big Island Hawaii
Big Island Hawaii

Philippines Cheap Vacation destination

philippines cheap vacation destinationHaving a cheap vacation destination in the Philippines is not that difficult to realize. You don’t need extra bundle of cash in order to meet your desired vacation destination in a very affordable budget. Most of all there is no great hurdles in reaching the beautiful places in the country as to enjoy your getaway vacation.

Traveling in the Philippines has significantly been developed in the last years. As of today there a good numbers of both international and domestic airports in the Philippines. In fact in the coming years these numbers will be added. Vessel and land trips are also available in the country if you want to take a longer trip once you reach the country. Hence, for most holidaymakers, getting around the islands of the Philippines has been made easier today.

philippines vacation airflightHow to have cheap flights in the Philippines
Definitely the number of airports is not only the consideration in having a cheap vacation in the Philippines, but budget is. With the low budget airlines in the country today you can always make an advantage. But aside from this low budget flights there are good promos available for both local and international air travel. Looking to book some cheap promo flights in the Philippines is always a great choice to make. For great promo deals on low airfare try to visit websites of those airline services in the Philippines. These promos are sometimes offered in round trip basis. Often, the cheapest travel deals are offered in off-seasons during July to November. You may not be able to enjoy the holidays these periods but the complement is you may find it a little more peaceful in beaches or other tourist attractions in the country as there are less people than those in peak season.
philippines vacation accommodationCheap vacation accommodation.
Perhaps the best travel deal to grab in having your vacation in the Philippines is by taking advantage with those deals including accommodation package. There are many travel agencies in the country that offer this type of deals. However, as for you to avail these affordable airline promos and packages you must book your transaction at least a month ahead. These deals may be offered in the most affordable way but your satisfaction is always the agencies concern. Accommodation in a five star or semi-five star hotels is your choice. This type of deal could be a great choice as it makes your vacation trip easier in the right budget.

Cheapest way to visit Philippine islands
Long before the existence of low-budget airlines getting from an island to another in the Philippines was made by boarding a vessel. But because of the massive expansion of the airline industry in the country taking it by plane was made affordable. Airline companies in the Philippines offered in cheap flight rates today. However there are those who preferred boarding a vessel than of plane. One will ask on why take your trip by the sea when you can have the comfort of riding the plane? The answer is simple! Vessel operators in the country aggressively compete with the airlines companies to keep its passenger vessel operations. As to compete with the low-budget airlines vessel operators slash their ticket price. Therefore many local people would still take vessel as they can save even a little amount. The Philippines is facing the vast Pacific Ocean. So if you want to take an adventure trip in hopping every island in the Philippines and experience it by the sea then boarding on a vessel is a great idea.

As for most travelers today, getting around the country and hoping from an island to another has been made easier without hurting their pocket. Thanks to low budget airlines and great air travel packages as making the Philippines the best vacation destination can now be a great choice.

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29 killed in hotel fire in Iraq

Baghdad, Iraq (CNN) -- A fire at a hotel in northern Iraq killed at least 28 and wounded 22 others Thursday night, Iraq's Kurdish Regional Government said Friday.

A short circuit has been blamed for starting the fire, which broke out at the Soma hotel in the city of Sulaimaniya about 11 p.m. Thursday. Women, children and foreigners were among those killed.

"Our hearts go out to the families of the victims of this tragic accident, and we wish a speedy recovery to the injured," said Kurdish Prime Minister Barham Salih, who visited the scene of the accident and the hospital where the injured were being treated.

"I have ordered an immediate investigation into the accident to establish the causes of the fire and assess the emergency procedures that followed. We will spare no effort in making sure such tragedies do not occur in the future."

A short circuit is being blamed for starting a fire at the Soma hotel in the city of Sulaimaniya, Iraq, on Thursday.

Sulaimaniya, in Iraq's autonomous Kurdistan region, is the capital of a province of the same name, one of the region's three provinces. It's about 280 kilometers (173 miles) north of Baghdad.

During the summer, hotels in the city are usually packed with tourists from southern provinces because Sulaimaniya is considered a safer city and the weather is nicer. Tourists were among those killed, officials said.

Jabbar Yawer, spokesman of the local security forces, told CNN that three Asians who work for a local cell phone company were among those killed. The company's headquarters is close to the hotel, and many visiting employees stay there.

The Kurdish Regional Government said 14 Iraqi nationals and 14 foreign nationals were killed. The foreigners were from Canada, Australia, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Ecuador, Venezuela, Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Bangladesh and Cambodia. One victim remained to be identified, the government said.

Earlier, other Kurdish officials said an American and a Filipino were among the dead

I'm Off!

Happy Monday! I'm on my way to spend some girl time with my BFF, Janet. Can't wait to leave the fog & wind and soak in the sunny Southern California weather!

Wishing you all a great week ahead and be back next week!

photo credit: mirefugio20

Tourism in Canada

Geography of Canada: is a country in the North American continent. It is the second largest country in the world in terms of area, bordered by the USA from the south and the Atlantic Ocean from the east and Alaska (United States of America as well) from the north-west and the Pacific from the west.

Its capital is Ottawa. It consists of the country of thirteen states and the District, the Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Yukon and Northwest Territories and Nunavut. Canada is a democratic, federal,

Canada is the second largest country in the world in terms of area and Canada suffer from a lack of population in spite of the enormous natural wealth.

Canada is one of the seven major industrial countries and one of the world's most developed and economically developed and most economical for job opportunities in all areas.

Level of education and health services in Canada is the finest in the world in addition to education and health services free of charge.

Canada is a modern population of about 30 million people and may make up this number, most of successive migratory Canada, where Canada has the immigrants from all over the world also depends Canada on immigration to increase the number of the population, so the Canada welcomed migrants is a very strong tradition in Canadian life stems mainly from the Canadian Constitution and the nature of the population.

Immigrant has since the first day of his arrival in Canada of all fundamental rights enjoyed by Canadians (except the right to vote and who gets it after obtaining citizenship)

any immigrant can apply for Canadian citizenship, and therefore Canadian passport after three years of residence in Canada.

The official languages of Canada are English and French language